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Colon Vs. Cologne


We've all made grammar mistakes like this. Just remember:

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Attacking My Grammar


If thair is one thing that people enjoys, it's having there grammars corrected. And if their is one thing that people enjoy doing on the internet, its correcting someones grammar and typoes. 

On occasion, I, have, written things that some might find controvershal, or objectionable in some way. It's mine own fault. I write in a very over the top style, i do this for comic affect and most people seem two like it. But some people are grumpy grumpisons and they do not care for me much at all. Not even a little. Just like the reason I'm not aloud on public transportation anymore: I rub some people the wrong way. Sad face : (

But insted of attacking the substance of my ridiculous writings, people tend to try and pointe out grammatical errors. It's they're way of trying to say that I'm an ideot and my points can't possibly be valid because I forgot to use a, comma. In a recent post I did, a nasty anonymouse commenter pointed out that I used the work "break," when I meant to use the word "brake." And this person was 100% corrrect. I honestly never even thaght about the difference. I don't often write about brakes.

People just need to understand that I am very, very poorly educkated. I grew up as a feral child and only learned the most baisec communikating sounds to speek with my wolf family that rased me. . It's amazing that I'm even abel to function as a human being whatsoever. So, from time to time, I will make gramnmatical mistakes. 

I just thank that it's so very impotant to be corrected on the internet. It's so worthey of there time, the very smart geniuses who peruse my writtings and then point out every typo, or poor grammaticel choises.

Your probably going to find some kinds of grammatical erors even in this post. And you'll probably deacide to point outt my flaws. You will forgot the sobstance of what I'd written, and instead concentrate souly on the mispellings. You will look so much more smarter than me and everyone will worship you as the genius demi god that you are.